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[Poland]Cylinder insert RIM WK M3


Europrofile cylinders Gerda WK M3 feature a cylinder mechanism with a full range of reinforcements making them suitable for doors of upgraded anti-burglar parameters. The WK M3 cylinders are available in a wide range of sizes, which fit almost every type of door. Standard dimensions ensure correct operation in every type of lock.
Gerda WK M3 RIM cylinders are designed for surface-mounted locks.
Both europrofile WK M3 and WK M3 RIM cylinders are certified to class C, the highest burglar-resistance grade.

Thanks to compilation of anti-burglar protectors used in the Gerda WK M3 europrofile cylinders and the Gerda RIM WK M3 cylinders (such as ball bearings, anti-drilling needles, special covers), they are resistant to opening with lock pick as well as drilling, event with a hardened drill bit. The number of key code combinations (considerably higher than class C requirement) guarantees the highest level of security and makes each cylinder unique. The WK M3 cylinders are available in a variety of symmetric and asymmetric sizes and a set of 5 keys. Surface finish: brass, nickel.
Addicional keys can be cut at any GERDA Authorised Outlet upon presentation of an original code card attached to the cylinder and one of the existing keys.

Product guarantee: 12 months.


Category: Security & Protection -> Locks & Burglarproof


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